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Jersey Cattle Society
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The Studio @ The Mill
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General Enquiries T: 01926 484035
Cattle Registrations T: 01923 695203

Jersey Cattle Society Board & Support Team

Roles & Responsibilities

Su Mahon

The President - Su Mahon

The president aims to guide and assist the Jersey Cattle Society Board & Members with all aspects involving the Jersey breed to promote its attributes and qualities.

The president will endeavour to attend Board meetings, club meetings, Jersey Cattle Society functions, open days & field events, as invited. Alongside meeting and supporting the membership, commercial farmers and customers for our milk at the major shows across the country.

Lena Lewis

President Elect – Lena Lewis

The President Elect supports the President of the Society in all aspects involving the Jersey breed to promote its attributes and qualities. The President Elect may attend events on behalf of the President, when the President cannot attend.

steven bland

Chairman - Steven Bland
Tel: 07979 860651

  • Provides leadership & direction to the Board
  • Representation of the Jersey Cattle Society
  • Sets the Board Meeting Schedule
  • Coordinate with Company Secretary
  • Production of members report outlining the outcomes from the Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Provides strategic direction for Jersey Cattle Society staff to implement
  • Action specific tasks agreed by the Board
John Whitby

Finance Director - John Whitby
Tel: 07768 473787

  • Ensure the Jersey Cattle Society is financially prudent
  • Communicate the financial situation to the Board
  • Communicate the financial situation to the wider membership
  • Present the accounts at the AGM
  • Attend Board meetings and other events
  • On interview panel for new staff and contractors
  • Liaise with book keeper and accountant and hold them to account
  • Oversee the preparation and monitoring of budgets
  • Ensure gift aid claims are properly managed and encourage all eligible members to sign a gift aid form
  • Support the Chairman and other board members in their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure that financial information is documented in an understandable format such that if a new Finance Director were to be appointed he or she could pick up the reins easily
John Dickinson

Commercial Director - John Dickinson
Tel: 07850 778716

  • Promote Jersey Milk
  • Manage Jersey Cattle Society projects within EU, UK national and regional government, research and industry initiatives
  • Lead on developments to customise Jersey milk including current research into saturated fats
  • Develop commercial breeder involvement
  • Support projects that increase the demand for Jersey milk including involving cheese production using Jersey milk
  • Action specific tasks agreed by the Board
Helen Cox

Membership & Publications Director - Helen Cox
Tel: 01994 427201

  • Press & Publications
  • Website & Social Media
  • Membership enquires/complaints
  • Develop member services
  • Action specific tasks agreed by the Board
Mark Logan

Judges, Sales & Shows Director - Mark Logan
Tel: 07889 532280

  • Judges Panel and Conference
  • Show enquires
  • All-Britain competitions
  • Milk Production competitions
  • Herds’ Competition
  • Cogent Contract
  • Classifications
  • Sales Agency
Mark davis

Youth Director - Mark Davis
Tel: 07773 371774

Alongside Will Patten (Youth Board Chairman)

  • Organise Youth Weekends
  • Encourage new members
  • Ensure Jersey Youth complies with Legislation
  • Develop Awards/ competitions
  • Report to the board on Youth events
  • Secure sponsorship for Jersey Youth
Jersey Cattle Society Support Team
Emma Horn
Emma Horn
Alison Whitelaw
Alison Whitelaw

Jersey Cattle Society Head Office
Emma Horn & Allison Whitelaw
Tel: 01926 484035

  • Central point of contact for the Jersey Cattle Society
  • Providing the day to day support and administration of Society Membership and maintenance of Society data
  • Working alongside and supporting the Jersey Cattle Society Board Directors and CEO, Society’s Field Officers, Registrations Department including Foreign imports, Area Clubs and Industry contacts
  • Promotion and co-ordination of Jersey Cattle Society events Young Member events, ABAB Calf Show, Judges Conference and other Society activities held over the course of the year including Members Day now held each year in March.
  • Genomic testing & Foreign Import
  • Annual Herdbook Production
  • Credit control, daily bookkeeping, VAT returns, management Accounts, preparation of year end accounts working alongside the Finance Director and Chairman

Company Secretary - Emma Horn

  • Request items and reports ahead of each Board Meeting of Directors
  • Produce and disseminate the Agenda and Board papers prior to each Board Meeting
  • Attend Board meetings, recording brief discussion and exact on any decisions made
  • Minutes of the Board Meetings
  • Notification of AGM and circulation of Accounts to members under the rules of the AOA
  • Provide a list of new members (all grades) and all resignations of members (all grades) for each board meeting
  • Submission of the Annual Return for Companies House & the Charity Commission
  • Maintain a record of signatories on the Society’s Account
  • Notification to Companies House of any appointment or resignation of a Director or Secretary or AOA changes by the appropriate form/means.
  • Maintain the Company Register (record of all changes of Directors and Secretaries)
Rebecca Hurd

Jersey Cattle Society Field Service Officer - Rebecca Hurd
Mob: 07814 497520

  • Providing membership support to members across the UK.
Melanie Stevenson

Head of Jersey Cattle Registrations - Melanie Stevenson
Tel: 01923 695203

  • Cattle Registration
  • Late registrations
  • DNA testing and Pedigree Certificates
  • Bull Registrations, including imported semen
  • Embryo registrations
  • You can also purchase your Herd Tags via Melanie
Jackie Clark

Jersey Cattle Classifications Co-ordinator - Jackie Clark
Tel: 01923 695208 / 01923 695211

  • Appointment booking and cancellation
  • Classification enquiries
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