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2007 Review

Where does one start? A very unusual year for weather, far too hot and dry in April and then, continuous rain for May, June and July, but a much better Autumn, thankfully most members escaped flooding which caused so much havoc in other parts of the country. Once again FMD has returned and I know everyone takes all the necessary precautions, but it does disrupt ones farming, eg: not being able to take the cows across a road, not being able to get rid of bull calves, etc etc. Now we have Blue Tongue and just lately Avian Flu, we just need Swine fever and then will have had all the notifiable diseases!!

Our Committee and AGM meetings have once again been at Punchards farm and we are truly grateful to Jonathon and Ann Tomkinson for inviting us, both meetings went well, at our AGM the cups were presented by Mrs Tomkinson.

Ruggles Brise Cup for the highest yielding cow in 305 days. Joint 1st Elmdon Farms Ltd Elmdon Sharpe Juiletta, and Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Lesters Karen 890 kgs Fat and Protein.

Reserve Elmdon Farms Ltd Elmdon Poring Kiley 873kgs Fat and Protein.

Eglington Cup for the highest yielding herd in 305 days. Mr and Mrs Mahon 680kgs Fat and Protein.

Reserve Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 655 kgs fat and Protein.

Postlethwaite Cup for the highest total % Fat and Protein Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 9.64%

Reserve NW Moore and Sons 9.23%.

Jerseys were shown at the Suffolk Show in the Any other Breed. Bolderston and Partners had the Champion Jersey, Tetfor Hall Dani who then went on to win the Interbreed Champion and the Interbreed Pairs. The Royal Norfolk Show have their own classification and the Champion was from NW Moore and Sons with Depwade Happy Whisper 6th they also had the Reserve Interbreed Champion and the Interbreed Pairs. Due the FMD in August there were no cattle classes at the Aylsham Show.

We had a very interesting visit to the well known Holstein breeder James Alston at Garboldisham on Wednesday 6th June. Last year he was one of the six finalists for the NMR Gold Cup. He showed us round his farm and explained his system for keeping 300 cows, he was interested in Biomass but the cost of setting up a system was draconian. Afterwards we went to the White Horse Pub for sandwiches.

Our Autumn visit, after a Committee meeting, was to Robert and Jean Fuller’s Brickwall Farm, they sold their Chalkney Herd of Jerseys 11 years ago and have very successfully diversified into building barns into 4 self contained cottages, calf building into a conference room and have a variety of business using the converted buildings. We viewed the accountants office converted from an old barn next to the lake, how they manage to do any work I don’t know with such beautiful surroundings! We saw their herd of British White cattle and others in the distance, would have liked to have seen them nearer but we were observing the procedures for Foot and Mouth precautions. We had a lovely day and thank them for their hospitality.

Twenty four members and friends met at the Scole Inn for our Dinner, we had a lovely social evening, good company and good food! Raised £60 for our RABI raffle and thank everyone for their generosity.

Happy Christmas, let us hope 2008 will be a better disease free year, and milk prices still continue to rise.

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