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East Anglian Jersey Cattle Club

2008 Review

This year seems like a repeat of last as, I write at the beginning of June, we, and probably most of East Anglia have had more than two inches of rain in the last few days, silage making is on hold, won’t be such good quality, most of the cattle and sheep in our area have had their second dose of the BTV8 vaccine which hopefully will keep our animals free from Bluetongue until the next strain appears.

We started off the year in February having a committee meeting at Jonathon and Ann Tomkinson for which we are very grateful, and then in April our next committee meeting and AGM plus a talk from Roger Taylor, Chairman of DFB Channel Island Milk Group talked about future plans, a very interesting insight into how our product goes into various foods. This again took place at Jonathon and Ann’s, so a very big thank you for hosting all our meetings.

At our AGM Roger Taylor presented the club’ cups as follows:

RUGGLES BRISE CUP for the highest yielding cow in 305 days Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Lesters Karen 1006 kgs Fat and Protein.

Reserve Mr and Mrs Tomkinson Dunnallan Pitinos Jancis 913 kgs Fat and Protein

EGLINGTON CUP for the highest yielding herd in 305 days Mr and Mrs Mahon 692 kgs Fat and Protein.

Reserve Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 675 kgs Fat and Protein

POSTLETHWAITE CUP for the highest total % Fat and Protein Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 9.68 %

Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon 9.28 %.

After the AGM a short committee meeting was held to elect the Officers of the Club. Chairman Nick Dain, Vice Chairman Glyn Thomas, Treasurer Frank Mahon, Secretary Su Mahon.

At the Suffolk Show in the Any other Dairy Breed, the Judge, Mrs Jenny Daw put John Cawston as Champion Jersey and Champion of Any other Dairy Breed with Poringland Dreamgirl 9, who then went on to be the Interbreed Champion, James Strachan’s Rapid Bay –UK Jacks lets Dance was the Reserve Any other Breed Champion, Congratulations to both of you.

Wednesday 11th June saw the club visiting E S Cole Holstein herd at Winfarthing in the morning. We had a most interesting day, the herd is very impressive and very quiet, most of the cows stayed lying down whilst we looked around them, Ellie Cole has just started a small Guernsey herd, so we were able to see them, her in calf heifer came second in her class at the Royal Norfolk show. We had a good turn out of members and friends and ended our visit by having sandwiches at the Fighting Cocks Pub just down the road. The weather couldn’t have been better after the weeks of such uncertain weather.

At the Royal Norfolk Show the Jersey classes were later than usual as the Interbreed classes were to be held at 12.30pm on the Wednesday, our judge was David Jones , he placed Ben Etteridge’s homebred cow Moonshine Hallmarks Lady Aster as Champion and NW Moore and Sons Depwade Tangerine 8 as Reserve Champion.

Ollie Dain was first in the Dry Cow class at the Royal with Kingsgrove Dunkers Kirsch, nice to have an East Anglian member exhibiting at the Show.

At the Aylsham Show in the Any other Dairy Breed, the Dry Cow class was won by Bolderston Partners with Marshview Councillor Cramy who was also the Reserve Champion but I was delighted to see that Chloe Bolderston won the Interbreed calf championship with her Jersey calf Tetfor Ring Julia and in the handlers class she was first. Well done Chloe for flying the Jersey flag.

The committee met on Monday 22nd September at Jonathon and Ann, we were thin on the ground but had a good meeting, sorted the details for the 60th Anniversary Dinner to be held at Scole Inn on Friday 24th October 7.30 for 8pm and hoped we would have a good turn out. Our thanks again to Jonathon and Ann for hosting all our meetings at Punchards Farm.

Jonathon and Ann sold their herd in March keeping back some cows for their very successful business selling Milk and cream at the farmgate and farmers markets.

Our 60th Anniversary Dinner was a great success, one of the best for a long time. Scole Inn did us proud and I think 47 people which included three guests was impressive!

Our chairman Nick Dain gave a brief resume of when the club started, their first meeting at the Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds on 1st April 1948 at 2pm. We had a very nice article in the EDP the week before stating various antedotes from the minute books of the club. Not a lot changes over the years! They seemed to have had the same problems as we do.

To celebrate the 60 years, we had a cake beautifully decorated with a Jersey cow on the top which was cut and had with our coffee. Instead of the usual Raffle we had a Tombola for the ARC Addington Fund and raised £146. Thanks to all who brought and bought.

I would like to thank the club for the beautiful bouquet of flowers presented to me during the evening, they lasted over 3 weeks! And gave me great pleasure.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2009.

Su Mahon

Chairman’s Report:
Well another year has come and gone and the EAJCC is in its 61st year!! 2008 started with a good spring, a very wet summer and a long winter. However our members and our breed have survived to fight another day.

We visited the Coles families Holstein herd on one of the best weather days of the year. We saw a great herd of well bred pedigree cows with great power and strength. Also the small beginnings of a new Guernsey herd belonging to Ellie Cole. One these went on to take second prize at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Two days of sunshine at local shows saw success for John Cawston at the Suffolk and young Ben Etteridge at the Royal Norfolk, ably backed by cows from the herds of Ralph Moore, James Strachan and the Bolderston family. Our one exhibitor at the Royal Ollie Dain managed to win the production and inspection championship for the breed and to go on to compete in the interbreed. Blue tongue restrictions unfortunately depleted many of our county shows.

Milk prices were reasonable at the start of the year but have been in decline ever since.

Thanks to James Cross, we are kept up to date with not only DFB but the cheese trade and products in general, “thank you James”

In my humble opinion our 60th anniversary dinner was the best we have had for years, we had people from as far away as Devon, Hertfordshire and Essex to join us for the evening, we even managed to fit in an unexpected guest at the last moment, “Su knows who I mean”!!

Which brings me to thank time once again Ann and Jonathon who have thrown open their doors for our AGM and committee meetings, what would we do with out them, and last but by no means least to Su who organised our 60th dinner and has kept our chairman on the straight and narrow for another year and even come to the dinner on her wedding anniversary and Franks birthday.

Thanks to you all for your help and to everyone for keeping Jersey cows in the lime light during 2008.

Presentation of Cups:
Mrs Leverett presented the cups as follows:
Ruggles Brise Cup for the highest yielding cow in 305 days
Mr and Mrs Tomkinson Dunallan Pitiono Sheena 966 kgs fat and Protein.
Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Perimeters Nikki 957 kgs Fat and Protein.

Eglington Cup for the highest yielding herd in 305 days
Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 687 kgs Fat and Protein.
Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon 670 kgs Fat and Protein.

Postlethwaite Cup for the highest total % Fat and Protein
Mr and Mrs Tomkinson 9.63%
Reserve Mr and Mrs Roper 9.24%

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