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Su’s 2011 Diary:

It is now end of May and no sign of any substantial rain forecast for several weeks. What a strange year it has been so far, winter straight to summer and back to spring, the temperatures have fluctuated from very cold to hot. We were lucky in East Anglia, although we had severe frosts which caused problems we didn’t have the snow other parts of the country had with once again roofs brought down with the weight of the snow. I hope everyone has managed to make silage and hay, some people have had better crops than last year, goodness knows how we will all manage about straw for bedding, at the moment it looks pretty grim, most of the arable crops, if one can’t irrigate, are about a foot high or less and if baled will be like chaff. I dread to think of the cost of bought in feed for this year. Milk price has gone up a little but we do need a substantial rise to off set the high costs we are all incurring, diesel, fertilizer etc.

As Freshways now take our milk we were invited to see their Dairy set up. So mid January we set off to Acton West London and I for one was amazed as the Dairy is just off the High Street!! I think we all wondered what it would be like, I even said to Ben Watts who took us that he had better hide anything lying in the car and make sure it was well locked up! Inside we were welcomed by a member of the staff who was extremely helpful who answered all our questions, and there were plenty! He took us round the Dairy, a state of the art set up and all machinery computerised, they are currently looking for more milk, they also sell a variety of products not just milk in its different forms, but different creams, cheeses, eggs, bread, fruit juices etc. I for one was very impressed and hoped to be impressed by a rise in the milk price!

We started the year going for our first committee meeting to Jonathon and Ann Tomkinson at the beginning of February, did wonder if we would have to cancel but weather OK! We had a productive meeting, and over lunch caught up on everyone’s news and gossip.

It was with great sadness to hear of James Cross’ mother Mrs Diana Cross of Elmdon who has died and send our sympathy to James and his sister Lucy. Diana will be greatly missed, she had worked with Robin and Anne Corner on the Jersey Pavilion which so many of us have used and enjoyed meetings and events held there.

Mrs Sue Leverett invited the club to hold their AGM at Stanstead Hall on Monday 11th April. Nick Dain our Chairman was unable to attend as Sandra, his wife had had a very nasty fall down stairs and had broken both ankles, one very badly and when Nick phoned me to say he was unable to be at the meetings, Sandra was on the operating table. All our very best wishes to Sandra, it will be a long time before she is mobile again, Nick has been unable to go to lots of events as he is now looking after Sandra, Glyn Thomas our Vice Chairman very ably took all the meetings we had a committee meeting followed by the AGM and after that a very short meeting to elect the Officers of the Club all meetings were positive, had a delicious lunch and thank Sue for her hospitality.

Sue presented the clubs cups as follows:
Ruggles Brise Cup for the highest yielding cow in 305 days Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Mannix Monica 1028 kgs Fat and Protein. Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Maximus Ropbina 943 kgs Fat and Protein. Eglington Cup for the highest yielding herd in 305 days. Mr and Mrs Mahon 736 kgs Fat and Protein. Reserve C R Cawston 690 kgs Fat and Protein. Postlethwaite Cup for the highest total % Fat and Protein. Rushmer Family 9.41%. Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon 9.22%

After the AGM a short committee meeting was held to elect the Officers of the Club. Chairman Glyn Thomas, Vice Chairman Nick Dain Treasurer Frank Mahon, Secretary Su Mahon.

Hurrah! The Jerseys once again have their own classification at the Suffolk Show after an absence of ten years, the classes were good and our thanks to all Jersey breeders who exhibited and made it possible to have once again our own classes. Our thanks to Robert Hunter from Scotland for judging the classes. Congratulations to James Strachan for having taken first place in all classes bar one, James then went on to be Champion with Rapid Bay – UK Reputation Radiance and Reserve Champion with Rapid Bay – JJ Shiloh. James had the Interbreed Champion with his Holstein cow. The Young Handlers were judged on the second day of the show with The Supreme Calf Championship taken by Emma Strachan ( James’s wife)with Chloe Bolderstone winning the Any Other Breed Young Handlers Championship for the second year running, well done Chloe and keep up the good work.

Wednesday 15th June we visited the Rushmer Family’s Jersey Marshland Herd. This is a relatively new herd having started in 2009, calves were bought from Bobby and Geraldine Roper (just down the road) and also bulling heifers from the Loseley herd in Guildford and cows from Sussex to put milk in the tank for their first milk collection in July 2009. We had a very good turnout of over 36 members and friends. We started off with a small stock judging of a heifer class to judge. Helen Reeve who works with Ralph Moore’s Jerseys was our Judge and in first and third place were Alan and Edna Welham, Alan used to work with the Bixley Herd of Holsteins and our second place went to Graham Vale of the Oakalby Friesians. Better luck next time Jersey Breeders!! We then walked down to view the herd on the marshes who looked very well, it always amazes me to see boats sailing along as though on grass, and nice to see an old fashioned windmill. Our next thing to see was the poultry unit of 30,000 hens, this had been going since 2007 after a difficult planning consent. They, the hens can go out when they want and their eggs are collected twice a week, but most of the collecting and putting on trays is all automated, so very interesting. We had our picnics on the lawn and were supplied with drinks and delicious cakes, so very many thanks to the Rushmer Family for hosting our club visit. It was lovely to see Sandra Dain even though she is still in a wheelchair, seems to be on the mend but still a long haul ahead of her before she is fully mobile.

At the Royal Norfolk Show we had good numbers for the classes, and once again we were delighted to see Barry, Jenny Daw and their daughter Clare exhibiting. The Jersey classes were held after the Red
Polls as the Interbreed classes were to be held at 12.30pm on the Wednesday, our Judge was James Waring from Beverley ,Yorkshire who put as Champion Jersey Barry and Jenny’s Bluegrass Simbas Snow White, they also took the Reserve Champion with Bluegrass Remakes Dream Girl. Our Jersey Young Handlers did very well again as some of them had stubborn calves! But it was good to see so many leading Jerseys and thank them all for all their hard work in preparing their calves for showing, hope to see you and maybe more next year.

Congratulations to Clare Daw, Champion handler of the Any other Breed Champion, Clare again took the Interbreed Young Handler for the second year running which was a tremendous achievement.

The Jersey Youth weekend on 19th -21st August was held at Pierrepont Trust in Surrey, this is a modern farm with new buildings and robotic milkers and is run by Mike and Beverley Clear and from all accounts was a tremendous success, a good time was had by all!! Norfolk was well represented, and congratulations to James Bolderston for being the overall Stockman of the weekend, a great achievement, Andrea Vale was the Senior Handler and Luke Harris was the Senior Champion Clipper. Didn’t they do well!

At the Society’s AGM held in August, we were very pleased that our Upgate Lemvigs Melody took the Grosvenor Berry Trophy for the second year running.

The Wayland Show, Watton held at the beginning of August had Young Handlers classes and I have it on good authority that the Jerseys were well represented, Ben Etteridges homebred calf Moonshine Reagans Java was the Young Handlers Champion calf. Congratulations.

Wow! What a surprise when I opened my EDP today 30th August to find a lovely photo of Andrew and Caroline and Michael and Laura, and Jenny Bolderstone’s children holding their respective calves for the Young Handlers classes at the Alysham Show held on the Bank Holiday Monday. It was good to see so many young handlers and well done all of you.

Tuesday 13th September saw the committee having their last meeting of the year at Jonathon and Ann Tomkinson. We discussed the dinner which is to be at the Park hotel Diss on Thursday 20th October, the menu was perused and all agreed it looked good, with any luck the whole evening should be better than last year, as once again Scole Inn has another new manager! I’ve lost count how many there have been in the last few years. This year our raffle will be for club funds “Charity really does begin at home”!

We discussed Society Business, not a great deal going on at this time of year, but we had a very enjoyable and social morning with lovely sandwiches for our lunch, and grateful thanks to all our hostess’ and host for enabling us to have meetings in their homes. Our 2012 AGM will be in the evening at Nick and Sandra’s home, hopefully this will encourage more members to attend and Sandra has said she will provide sandwiches , we will have a small charge to pay. This will be on Tuesday 24th April 2012 at

We have four new members which is brilliant, one of them Helen Reeve who is herds woman for Ralph Moore’s Depwade herd won the 2011 Growing Business Award with her herd of Red Dexters, this was presented at the Royal Norfolk Show. She met her mentor Ron Tuck of the Norwich based Giant Pet Store at the Norfolk Young Farmers Club when he was President and he has continued to help Helen through the years and said her success was thoroughly deserved. He praised her being good in a crisis, they were on their way by train to Westminster for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent 150th event when he had a heart attack, Helen had the train stopped and arranged for urgent medical attention and Rod said she saved his life. We welcome Peter Tubby, Jonathan Burridge, Helen Reeve and young Jack Debenham who is a very keen and enthusiastic young handler and attended the Jersey Youth Weekend which he thoroughly enjoyed and looks forward to next year’s event.

We broke with tradition and instead of our Dinner being held on a Friday had it on Thursday 20th October, which was very well received. Fifty four members and friends enjoyed a lovely meal and I had warned the Hotel we were farmers and liked plenty! The carvery was excellent and enough for people to go up for seconds if required! We were made very welcome and there and then decided to book for the following year on Thursday 18th October 2012. We made £81 for club funds and thank you to everyone for bringing raffle prizes and buying tickets.

I would like to thank Nick and Glyn for the lovely arrangement of fruit presented to me at the dinner, beautifully done by Glyn’s daughter Kate, looked too good to eat, but the next day was my granddaughters fifth birthday and I think she thought it was for her! so we undid it and enjoyed very much the contents with the rest of the family.

This comes with all good wishes for a healthy and more prosperous year for 2012

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