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Su’s 2012 Diary:

It is now the end of May , cows only just out and silage hopefully will be done soon. The year started well with no major cold months, different from the last two years, then had lovely hot sunny weather in March wham.....rain, rain and more rain, all very disappointing.

We held our first committee meeting on 13th March and are very grateful to Jonathon and Ann Tomkinson for hosting us, had a good meeting and a good number of committee members, discussed Society business. I then asked if the committee were agreeable to the club having 2 trophies for the Champion Jersey Handler at both the Suffolk and Royal Norfolk Shows? The Treasurer said funds were available and after some discussion it was agreed to have 2 Shields ( Mr Dain produced a booklet of various designs – how lucky he had it with him)! At the top to be engraved “Champion Jersey Handler presented by East Anglian Jersey Cattle Club” and on each shield the name of handler and the date. On the back of shields Norfolk on one and Suffolk on the other. Mr Dain would ask if it would be possible to put an engraving of a Jersey cow in the middle of the shield. There would be an individual shield about 4-6 inches in size with the year date for the Champion Young Handler to keep. Had a lovely lunch and a good gossip caught up on every ones news which is always nice to hear!

Nick and Sandra Dain invited the club to hold our AGM on Tuesday 24th April at Park Farm Cottage, Winfarthing. This was preceded by a short committee meeting. It was disappointing that we had so few members, (people don’t like AGM’s!) so ....... Sandra presented the cups as follows: Ruggles Brise Cup for the highest yielding cow in 305 days Mr and Mrs Mahon Upgate Mannix Quince 1243 kgs fat and protein.

Reserve. Upgate Decadence Quadrille 932 kgs fat and protein. Eglington Cup for the highest yielding herd in 305 days. Mr and Mrs Mahon 759 kgs fat and protein. Reserve C R Cawston 643 kgs fat and protein.

Postlethwaite Cup for the highest total % Fat and Protein. Rushmer Family 9.62%. Reserve Mr and Mrs Mahon 9.25%. After the AGM a short committee meeting was held to elect the Officers of the Club. Chairman Nick Dain, Vice Chairman Ollie Rushmer, Treasurer Frank Mahon, Secretary Su Mahon, we then had a delicious light supper and thank Nick and Sandra for their hospitality.

It was interesting to read about Helen Reeve ( Ralph Moores’s herds person) in the EDP of her appointment as Chairman of the National Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) following in the footsteps of Jim Paice, now the Minister for Agriculture. Since November she has attended the Oxford Farming Conference and will represent the National Federation Young Farmers Clubs at the NFU conference. She will also be working closely with DEFRA on many important events including the ARAC forum and the NFYFC Annual Convention in Torquay which was held in April, lets hope she can make a difference to our low milk price.

At the end of May we heard from Freshways our milk buyer, they would be dropping the price of milk back dated from 1st May. Not a lot of happy milk producers.

It was good to see so many exhibitors at the Suffolk Show, the Champion Jersey was Rapid Bay-UK JJ Shiloh (she was reserve champion last year) owned by James and Emma Strachan and the Reserve Champion was Loseley Signature Henerietta owned by P G Rushmer and Partners, congratulations to all of them. It was lucky the weather stayed fine for the judging in the morning but about it decided to rain and with the gale force winds in the night, the authorities of the Suffolk Agricultural Association on the advice of Health and Safety decided to close the second day of the show, due the wind as the marquees were deemed unsafe and would not be safe for the public, this decision was taken at, though the Interbred classes were held. Pair of Dairy females was won by Rushmer and Partners with James and Emma Strachan reserve, the Interbreed Dairy Cattle Group of Three and the Progeny Group was won by CR Cawston. The Young Handlers classes were all cancelled, very disappointing for the youngsters who had spent so much time training their calves. The new trophy of course was not presented and we hope for better weather next year. But thank you to all the exhibitors and Young Handlers who took their animals to the show and hope you were not too disappointed, there is always next year!

The next excitement was the Royal Norfolk Show and we were so lucky in the weather, two days of good weather, unheard of at a show as so many had tremendous problems with mud and shows being cancelled.

We had a good number of exhibitors and this year the Jerseys were judged at by Mr Stephen Bland, due to the Interbreed classes being held once again on the Thursday (several scenarios have been tried so.......! ) The results were Champion and reserve Champion both from Barry and Jenny Daw’s Bluegrass herd with Bluegrass Remakes Festive Debbie and Bluegrass Excitations Prissy Polly.

The Young Handlers classes were held on the Thursday morning judged by Mr Stephen Bland. The first class was disappointing as only one handler, the next class had eleven handlers and the last one had five. Overall Jersey Champion was Millie Shipley from Lincolnshire and I presented her with our new shield, which I promptly took back to have it engraved and Nick will give it her so she can keep it for a year. She was also given a small shield with the year date on for her to keep and a truly magnificent rosette! Anyway congratulations to all who took part, some of the handlers had calves that decided enough was enough and lay down to have a rest!! the handlers with some help managed to get them up and walking again. Nick and I will revamp the classes for next year so that they are in line with the Holsteins.

Our herd visit to the Oakalby herd consists mainly British Friesians, a few Holsteins, a Jersey, one or two Ayrshires, and Brown Swiss was well attended with over 40 members and friends attending. On arrival at Wheatacre Hall we were offered coffee, tea or a cold drink and biscuits, and we were able to see the converted barns into holiday lets, from the outside they looked very luxurious. David Burroughs told us that they are revamping their milking parlour and putting in cubicles which are sand based. The herd numbers about 300 and are grazing the marshes based on the New Zealand system. We then went down to where the cattle are milked and housed. We had a small competition of four heifers and one of four cows all halter trained and had been to the Royal Norfolk show, our judge was Mr Alan Welham and he did a grand job.

To see the rest of the herd we walked down to the marshes, the cows looked extremely well and didn’t take much notice of us, It was amazing to see the Wind Turbine at Lowestoft and again like last year saw yachts sailing on the marshes!! We were so lucky with the weather, had a perfect sunny day and HOT. After viewing the herd we went back to Wheatacre Hall to have our picnics on the lawn, again lots of drinks on offer and lovely icecream which we all enjoyed. After lunch the results from the two classes were as follows. The class of calves was won by William Edwards (junior) and Mr Tom Edwards (Senior) and the class of cows was won by Josh Etheridge ( Junior) and Mrs Louise Edwards (Senior) the Edwards family nearly taking all the honours!! But well done to everyone who took part. Josh Etheridge is our new member for this year.

The weather is still incredibly.........awful, I hope everyone has managed to get their silage in and after a great deal of rain the skies cleared for the last week in July for haymaking, second cut silage or haylage and of course harvesting, straw baling and carting. What a funny old year it has been so far. With the recent cuts announced for milk prices it is thanks to the farmers who went to London to demonstrate and to David Handley ( by the way he milks Jerseys) who has organised protests outside various dairies and supermarkets the milk price cuts have been reinstated although we all need to have at least + 30ppl with the price of feed and having to bring cows in, on and off over the summer, a very expensive summer so far, and winter feed prices look as though they will soar.

Unfortunately the Wayland show was cancelled due to heavy rain and the pumping station deciding to spread effluent over part of the show ground, very disappointing to all who had hoped to be there.

The Youth weekend at the Pye’s Bayview herd, held on 4th/5th August at High Farm, Arkholme, Nr Carnforth, Lancarshire was very well attended. Our young members did well, the Best Team Captain was Andrea Vale, Senior Clipping Cup Luke Harris. Stock Judging- reasons given 1st Lucy Reeve, 2nd Jack Debenham, and 3rd Ben Etheridge. Every young member was given a book on “What you do before showing” by the sponsors of the weekend, Sarah Liddle and Sarah Jarvis and I have it on good authority the weekend was a tremendous success as usual. Thanks must go to Nick Dain for organising it.

The Aylsham Show on Bank Holiday in August saw the AOB young handlers Champion was James Bolderston with Jimmy’s Glams Ivy. Well done.

The Jersey Society AGM was held at the Jersey Pavilion at Stoneleigh on Thursday 23rd August. I was delighted to hear from Nick he had been presented with The Weydown Jubilee Trophy for the person who has done the most for the Society and was not on the Board, so congratulations. He very kindly went up to collect and give back the cups our cows had won, The Championship Cup went to Upgate Impuls Quaker, reserve Upgate Maximus Rosemary. Raylands Trophy Upgate Maximus Rosemary. The Foxbury Trophy Reserve Upgate Lemvigs Moonstone. The Wheldon Trophy Upgate Impuls Quaker reserve Upgate Lemvigs Moonstone. The Grosvenor Trophy Upgate Lemvigs Melody , didn’t they do well!!

On 8th September Suffolk HYB held their calf show, the Jersey handlers were invited to take their calves to Norwich Cattle Market and the Champion Coloured Breed handler was Jack Debenham so congratulations and thanks to Margaret Vale for organising the event.

Also on the same date at the Norfolk Young Farmers City Farm at the Forum in Norwich, Jonnie Burridge did a tremendous job by taking his Jersey cows Jelly and Jasmine to the Forum and highlighting the low price for milk paid to farmers. He also took the cows at the beginning of October to Waitrose at Wymondham, again to highlight the poor prices milk producers are receiving.

The All-Breeds All-Britain Calf Show was well attended by the Jersey exhibitors. Congratulations to James and Emma Strachan who did extraordinarily well. Rabid Bay-UK heifers continued to reign supreme taking their 4th Championship title with Rabid Bay-UK Jade Rumour, who had an honourable mention at the 2011 show.

Our Dinner last year at the Park Hotel on a Thursday was a great success so this year our dinner was on Thursday 18th October at the same venue. The carvery was much enjoyed and plenty for second helpings. We had fifty members and friends attending and I would like to thank Nick and Sandra for arranging the seating plan..... no easy task! Also to Ann Tomkinson and Sue Leverett for selling tickets for the tombola, ( I wasn’t sure if I would get to the Hotel in good time to sell any!)) so was very grateful they were able to do so, and many thanks to everyone who bought tickets and brought prizes. We made £139.50 for the Norfolk Air Ambulance and I’ve had a very nice letter thanking us for our donation. I would like to thank Nick and Glyn for the lovely bowl of fruit presented to me at the dinner. It was beautifully arranged by Glyn’s daughter Kate with so many different fruits and was much enjoyed by the family, especially me! A real treat to have.

Have just read in today’s EDP (2nd December) that Helen Reeve Young Farmer was at the House of Lords helping to launch the Henry Plumb Foundation £2m appeal to encourage a new generation to enter the industry.

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