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Lakes Counties Jersey Cattle Club 2010 News

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show

The Lakes Counties club entered a team of 14 Jersey calves and 11 young handlers at the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show held at Stonleigh Park, Warwickshire on the 8th - 10th October 2010.

Lakes Counties Jersey Cattle Club Young Handlers
Lakes Counties Jersey Cattle Club Young Handlers

There were over 400 calves at the event and 100 in the Jersey section so the competition was tough.

The club is the first club to have a team representing them in the Jersey section but undoubtedly we have started something that others will follow. The team was very successful and came third in the coloured breeds stand competition, and all individuals did extremely well in both the handling and the calf classes. With a lot of help and support from the club members the weekend was a great success.

Youth Weekend

Congratulations to our young members Thomas, Hannah & Eleanor Saxby, Matt & Sarah Pye, Robert & Lizzie Bland, Natalie & Sophie Waller, Kerry & Hayley Scott and Claire Raven who took part in the Jersey UK Youth Weekend held at The Pye Family, High Farm, Arkholme. a super venue, they did us proud well done.


Lake’s Jersey Herd Competition 2010 - results


Farm Walk - Sunday 13th June 2010

The Lakes club held their Annual Farm Walk at Tom Savage & Sheila Fleming's Laitha Farm, Appleby on a lovely sunny day, Tom welcomed around 60 members after telling us about the farm and cows, he informed us that he and Sheila had made the decision to sell the cows and said members of the club Geoff & Deb Pye, Arkholme had bought them, they were keeping the young stock.

Tom and Sheila will be a big miss in the Jersey World as they have always been so enthusiastic to premote the Breed.

After a really enjoyable day John Chester thanked Tom and Sheila for the lovely refreshments and wished them all well in their retirement.


Stock Judging 2010

The club held their annual Stock judging this year firstly at Norman & Margaret Brough's, Cotland Farm, Dumfries and for the second farm we visited Stephen & Claire Bland & Robert, at Abbotts Lodge,Clifton.

We judged 3 class at each farm, Norman & Margaret our third class was a class of Sheep judged as a unit (Ewe & 2 Lambs) certainly made us all think.

Our judge this year was Mark Wilson, Appleby.

Results at Cotland Farm

1st Willie Bell,Wigton
2nd Arnold Tompson, Brampton
3rd John Waller, Killington

1st Caroline Elliott, Brampton
2nd Kate Waller, Killington
3rd Eileen Bell, Wigton

Young Members
1st Sophie Waller, Killington
2nd Natallie Waller, Killington
3rd Rachel Elliott, Brampton

Results at Abbotts Lodge

1st John Waller, Killington
2nd John Chester, Wigton
3rd Robert Hunter, Shotts

1st Caroline Elliott, Brampton
2nd Eileen Bell, Wigton
3rd Marion Holiday, Brough by Sands

Young Members
1st Claire Raven, Mealsgate
2nd Mark Hunter, Shotts
3rd Hayley Scott, Wigton

OVERALL (both venues added together)

1st John Waller 289 pts
2nd Willie Bell 278 pts
3rd Arnold Thompson 274 pts

1st Caroline Elliott 277 pts
2nd Eileen Bell 266 pts
3rd Kate Waller 264 pts

Young Members
1st Sophie Waller 264 pts
2nd Natallie Waller 258 pts
3rd Claire Raven 251 pts

John Waller having highest points has the Honour of being our Judge next Year.

Annual Dinner 2010

We held our Annual Dinner at Brantwood Hotel, Stainton, when our Herd and Milk Competition Cups were awarded.

After an excellent meal, one of our Members Mr Ian Macalpine stood in at the last minute gave an insite into the workings of the RFBDA of which Ian has just been made Vice Chairman he is very excited about the new venue for the Dairy Event,unfortunately the Chairman for Jersey UK was unable to attend at the last minute. Our Club President Mrs J Rawstron presented the Trophies.

Milk Cup Competition 2010

Carrs Plate Home Bred Heifer
I & S Macalpine 7175 kgs
Savage & Fleming 6690 kgs
JA & Y Raven 6335 kgs

Chester Cup Best Cow
I & S Macalpine 9942 kgs
D & M Holiday 9172 kgs
JA & Y Raven 9079 kgs

NFU CUP Mother/Daughter or Maternal sisters
I & S Macalpine 18390 kgs
J Thompson & Son 14881 kgs
Savage & Fleming 14102 kgs

HILLARYS TROPHY Average Qualifying Lactatitions
R,E&L Elliott Cumbrian 55
M Miller Jenkin Herd 98
G & D Pye Bayview Herd 135

NAT WEST CUP Highest kgs Protein
I & S Macalpine 395 kgs
D & M Holiday 349 kgs
Savage & Fleming 338 kgs


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