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Lakes Counties Jersey Cattle Club 2011 News

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2011
All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2011

Lake’s Jersey Herd Competition 2011

Judge: Mr Adrian Harrison

Large herd
1st I & S Macalpine – Ribblesdale
2nd GM & DJ Pye – Bayview
3rd J Thompson & Son – Farlam

Small Herd
1st J & K Waller – Killington
2nd Saxby Family – Saxown
3rd D & M Holliday – Monument

Best Homebred Cow
1st D & M Holliday – Monument Sultans Sweet
2nd GM & DJ Pye – Bayview Action Twinkle 2
3rd Saxby Family – Saxown JR Natty

Best Non-Homebred Cow
1st D & M Holliday – Whiteoaks Julian Nonette 2
2nd M & D Wilson – Shellen Connection Samantha Who
3rd Saxby Family – Osberton Alexandra

Best Heifer
1st GM & DJ Pye – Bayview Pride Twinkle
2nd JA & Y Raven – Skiddaw Ringmaster Rock
3rd Saxby Family – Saxown Exciting Cash 71

Group Of Three
1st D & M Holliday – Monument Sultans Sweet, Monument Action Legacy, Whiteoaks Julian Nonnette 2
2nd GM & DJ Pye – Bayview Action Twinkle 2, Bayview Action Laura 2, Shellen Sultan Prance
3rd J Thompson & Son – Farlam Coins Gem, Farlam Cindys Ginny, Farlam Ashleafs Hollyleaf

Production & Inspection
1st T & J Rawstron – Cardewlees Sambo Gloria
2nd GM & DJ Pye – Kerbanks Paramount Linda
3rd JA & Y Raven – Skiddaw Blaze Maggie

50,000kg Cow
1st Saxby Family – Saxown Centurians Cash
2nd Kerbanks Partnership – Braymeadow Bookmark Honeysuckle
3rd J Thompson & Son – Farlam Yawn’s Ada

Dam & Daughter
1st GM & DJ Pye – Bayview Action Twinkle 2, Bayview Pride Twinkle 3
2nd D & M Holliday – Clyedevalley Jewell Canderel, Monument Sultans Sweet
3rd Saxby Family – Saxown Stylish Cash, Saxown Exciting Cash 71

Progeny Group
1st GM & DJ Pye – Forest Glen Avery Action
2nd Saxby Family – Bridon Excitation
3rd J & K Waller – Bridon Remake Comerica

Calf Show 2011

There was a good show of calves at the clubs first Calf Show on Sunday 28th August 2011 which was held with the Border and Lakeland HYB at Borderway Mart, Carlisle by kind permission of Harrison & Hetherington.

Judge: Mr Jimmy Irving (Janhaven)


Junior Showman – Aged 12 or under
1st Claire Raven
2nd Sophie Waller
3rd Torrie Wilson
4th Natalie Waller

Intermediate Showman – Aged between 13 and 15
1st Kerry Scott
2nd Hayley Scott
3rd Tom Baker
4th Thomas Jenkinson

Senior Showman – Aged between 16 and 20

1st Matt Pye
2nd Sarah Pye
3rd Sian Edmondson
4th Katherine Jenkinson

Champion – Matt Pye

Reserve Champion – Kerry Scott

Hon. Mention – Sarah Pye

Calf Classes

Heifer Calf - born between 01.12.10 and 31.6.11

  1. Hailstone Fantom Winsome – M & D Wilson
  2. Logrey Newcroft Ontime Regina – D & M Holliday
  3. Skiddaw Target Chloe – J & Y Raven
  4. Monument Ontime Mistletoe - D & M Holliday
  5. Katherines Elizabeth Dotty Eclipes – K Jenkinson

Heifer Calf - born between 01.05.10 and 30.11.10

  1. Hailstone Excitation Winsome 2 – M & D Wilson
  2. Woodcatt Fantom Jodie – DR & HM Horsley
  3. Bayview Fantom Design – GM & DJ Pye
  4. Bayview Valuebull Letta – GM & DJ Pye
  5. Skiddaw Sultan Teena – J & Y Raven
  6. Shellen Fantom Jess – T Baker

Heifer Calf – born between 01.01.10 and 30.04.10

  1. Katherines Janet Gloworm – K Jenkinson
  2. Bayview Ace Sunlight – GM & DJ Pye
  3. Ellenside Belles Pride Emillie – E Huntington
  4. Katherines Alexandras Christine – K Jenkinson
  5. Shellen Governor Riverina – Savage & Fleming

Champion - Hailstone Excitation Winsome 2 – M & D Wilson

Reserve Champion - Woodcatt Fantom Jodie – DR & HM Horsley

It is hoped that show was the first of many to come as it is a great event for the club especially the youth.

Congratulations to our young members; Kerry and Hayley Scott, Claire Raven and Matt and Sarah Pye who travelled to Frensham, Surrey to take part in the UK Jersey Youth Weekend by kind permission of Michael & Bev Clear & Family and The Countryside Trust.

2011 Annual Dinner

The club held their annual dinner at the Brantwood Country Hotel, Stainton on Thursday 10th March, when our Herd and Milk Competition trophies were presented.

Gareth Brolly representing Carrs Billington presented the Milk Cup Trophies, and Francis Reader presented the Herd Competition Trophies.

Our guest speaker was Charles Reader, Chairman of UK Jerseys. He gave us an excellent insight into resent activities of the society and what he aims to do whilst he is chairman of the society. He also thanked the club for their generosity over the last year.

The results for the Milk Cup Competition were:

Carrs Plate Home Bred Heifer
S & DC Bland 7762 Kgs
Savage & Fleming 7597 Kgs
J & K Waller 7507 Kgs

Chester Cup Best Cow
S & DC Bland 10632 Kgs
I & S Macalpine 9864 Kgs
C Brough 9628 Kgs

NFU CUP Mother/Daughter or Maternal sisters
I & S Macalpine 17880Kgs
S & DC Bland 15525 Kgs
Savage & Fleming 15525 Kgs

HILLARYS TROPHY Lowest Average Annual Cells
Saxby Family 94
R, E & L Elliott 96
D & M Holliday 134

NAT WEST CUP Highest kgs Protein
S & DC Bland 411 Kgs
I & S Macalpine 369 Kgs
D & M Holiday 346 Kgs

Stock Judging
The club held the annual stock judging over two days in May. The first was by kind permission of the Taylor Family, Harras Farm, Ainstable and the second by kind permission of the Pye Family, High Farm, Arkholme. Both events were well attended with over 40 people judging.

This years master judge was John Waller, Killington.

Results -

Taylor Family

Young members
1st Claire Raven 134pts
=2nd Hayley Scott 130pts
=2nd Sophie Waller 130pts
4th Jack Wilson 124pts

=1st S Pye 140 pts
=1st S Fleming 140 pts
=3rd D Pye 136 pts
=3rd K Waller 136 pts

=1st G Pye 142 pts
=1st T Savage 142 pts
=3rd B Fleming 140 pts
=3rd W Taylor 140 pts
=3rd M Wilson 140 pts
=3rd M Dixon 140 pts

Pye Family

Young members
1st Tom Saxby 146pts
2nd Hayley Scott 143pts
3rd Ellie Saxby 133pts
4th Claire Raven 128pts

1st D Wilson 141 pts
2nd J Rawstron 135 pts
3rd J Jones 132 pts
4th J Chester 130 pts

=1st W Taylor 149 pts
=1st D Airey 149 pts
=3rd D Jones 145 pts
=3rd J Hodgson 145 pts


Young members
1st Hayley Scott 273pts
2nd Claire Raven 262pts
3rd Sophie Waller 255pts
4th Katherine Jenkinson 234pts

=1st K Waller 265 pts
=1st D Wilson 265 pts
3rd J Chester 264 pts
4th D Pye 257 pts

1st W Taylor 289 pts
2nd T Savage 283 pts
3rd M Wilson 282 pts
4th M Pye 273pts

Next years master judge will be Willie Taylor having gained the highest points with 289.


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