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Miss Joan Barry
Mistletoe Farm
Newton Abbot
EX13 0DQ

Mr Mark Davis
17 Higher Street
EX15 1AJ
Tel: 01884 821185

Mrs J Ravenhill
Great Blakewell Farm
Devon EX37 9AJ
Tel: 01769 540274

Mr Peter Venn
Ritherdens Farm
Tel: 01823 461270

Social Secretary
Mrs Jayne Mann
Hurmans Well Farm
Folly Drove, Ashill
TA19 9NW
Tel: 01823 480457

South West Jersey Club

South West Jersey Club Herd Competition 2014

Judge – Izzy Wright

Class 1

Whole Milking Herd (Small Herd) - Riggiston Cup

1st Hilary Day - Hollesley Jerseys

2nd Huxtable Family - Sowden Jerseys

3rd Carole Pledge - Sunnydawn Jerseys

Whole Milking Herd (Large Herd) - Sowden Cup

1st Colwell Family - Quintrell Jerseys

2nd Davis Family - Rivermead Jerseys

3rd JA & E Montgomery - Orchard Jerseys

Class 2 Junior Cow (2nd or 3rd Lactation) - Chilliton Cup

1st Rivermead Jerseys - Bluegrass Grandprix Supersonic Black

2nd Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Reagan Scarlet

3rd Josie’s Jerseys – Vagg Juno Dillwyn

Class 3 Senior Cow (4th Lactation onwards) - BOCM Cup

1st Sowden Jerseys - Sowden Sampson Ceres

2nd Orchard Jerseys - Orchard Remake Tribute

3rd Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Iatola Inform

Class 4 Best Heifer In Milk - Badcock & Everard Trophy

1st Rivermead Jerseys - Rivermead Java Tor

2nd Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Cobalt Garland

3rd Hollesley Jerseys - Hollesley Hillsborough

Class 5 Best Heifer In Calf - Morrish Trophy

1st Rivermead Jerseys - Rivermead Tequila Fantasia

2nd Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Reagan Annabella

3rd Sunnydawn Jerseys - Sunnydawn Belvedere Otaheited Apple

Class 6 Group of three daughters by same sire or out of same dam – Canonteign Cup

1st Quintrell Jerseys - S C Gold Dust Paramount Iatola

2nd Sunnydawn Jerseys - S C Gold Dust Paramount Iatola

3rd Coomber Jerseys - Pine Haven Senior

Class 7 Dam & Daughter, Daughter to be at least in calf with 1st Calf - Dalena Trophy

1st Sunnydawn Jerseys - Sunnydawn Sultan Hallina & Sunnydawn Reagan Nigella

2nd Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Sultan Datastream & Quintrell McGuire Google

3rd Josie’s Jerseys - Tremeere Impulse Dillwyn & Vagg Juno Dillwyn

Class 8 Whole herd production & Inspection - Day Cup

1st Sunnydawn Jerseys

2nd Quintrell Jerseys

3rd Maunlake Jerseys

Class 9 Two home bred cows or heifers by the same UK bred sire

1st Quintrell Jerseys - Quintrell Maximus Cobalt

2nd Sunnydawn Jerseys - Sunnydawn Caramel Krunch

3rd Hollesley Jerseys - Hollesley Solar

Class 10 Family Line (Min. of three consecutive generations max. of four animals) - Gosling Cup

1st Quintrell Jerseys

2nd Sunnydawn Jerseys

3rd Coomber Jerseys

Class 11 Lifetime Production/Inspection - Montgomery Cup

1st Sunnydawn Jerseys - Sunnydawn Triumph Blackcurrant

2nd Orchard Jerseys - Orchard Lenora

3rd Coomber Jerseys - Coombers Galaxy Legacy

Class 12 Production/Inspection for two consecutive lactations - Eldon Trophy

1st Orchard Jerseys - Orchard Lenora

2nd Sunnydawn Jerseys - Iatola Bluejohn

3rd Quintrell Jerseys - Charismatic Moll

Judges Choice - Huxtable Family, Sowden Samson Ceres


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