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Welsh & Shropshire Jersey Breeders Association 2012 News

South Wales All Dairy Breeds Calf Show - results

Pembrokeshire Show 2012 - results

Royal Welsh Show 2012 - results

July 2012 Newsletter

The Club has had a busy couple of weeks with both the South Wales Cluster Club/W&SYJB Stock
Judging Competition and the Annual Herds Competition being held.

Stock Judging Competition
The Stock Judging Competition was kindly hosted by the Evans’ family, Nicel Jerseys at Nantyci Farm,
Carmarthen. Master Judges for the day were Mr Russell Law, Fryn Jerseys and Mr Mark Williams,

A good crowd of various ages competed and this year’s results are:
Juniors: Tanwen Cox, Glanmor Jerseys.
Intermediate: Awen Jones, Salfach Jerseys.
Seniors: Katherine Watkins, Pure Gold.
Mature: Geraint Evans, Rhiger.

Herds Competition 2012
We had an excellent response to this year’s Herds Competition, with 10 herds competing. Mr & Mrs
John & Jane Chester, Kerbanks, spent the first two days in Shropshire visiting the herds there, before
moving down to Carmarthen as their base for the remaining three days. The results & presentations
were held over lunch on the Saturday after judging at the New Inn, Newbridge on Wye.

Our thanks go to John for agreeing to judge this year’s competition and for the excellent work he did
in judging. Also for his kind words & praise of the herds. Many thanks also to Jane for her secretarial
work! Thanks also to all the members who were more than willing to host during the week.
Congratulations to all who participated.

Results 2012
Judge: Mr John Chester

The Longmynd Cup – Large Herds
1st – Plowden Farms
2nd – R&E Taylor, Blodwell
3rd – C. Rogers-Coltman, Myndtow
4th – AJ Farming

The Pauls & White Cup – Medium Herds
1st – Glanmor Jerseys
2nd – Nicel Jerseys
3rd – Pantal Jerseys

The Spoonhill Cup – Small Herds
1st – J & C Hart, Hillhoath.
2nd – Salfach Jerseys.

The Gaylow Cup – Maiden Herd
Pantal Jerseys.

The Grayswood Cup – Senior Progeny
1st – R&E Taylor, Blodwell – Sunset Canyon Futurity
2nd – Glanmor Jerseys – Valleystream Julian
3rd – Pantal Jerseys – Pinehaven Senior

The BOCM Cup – Junior Progeny
1st – Glanmor Jerseys – Family Hill Ringmaster
2nd – Pantal Jerseys – Forset Glen Avery Action
3rd – AJ Farming – SC Gold Dust Paramount Iatola

The Daimar Cup – Progeny by a UK Bull
1st – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Julian Mr Frosty
2nd – Nicel Jerseys – Glanmor Julian Pilgrim
3rd – R&E Taylor – Blodwell Zolly

The Berwick Cup – Home Bred Cow
1st – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Julian Relish
2nd – R&E Taylor – Blodwell Excitation Zeta
3rd – Plowden Farms – Plowden Excitation’s Zara

The Ellerdine Trophy – Home Bred Heifer in Milk
1st – R&E Taylor – Blodwell Dale Mary
2nd- Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Ring Money
3rd – J&C Hart – Hillhoath Ringmaster Jingle 2

The Lowther Cup – Home Bred Youngstock
1st – Plowden Farms
2nd – Glanmor Jerseys
3rd – Salfach Jerseys

The Distingue Cup – Dam & Daughter
1st – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Julian Whiskey & Glanmor Rocket Wennol
2nd – Nicel Jerseys – Longhills Crecent Zulu & Nicel Belmont Zulu
3rd – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Jet Slipstream & Glanmor Saber Serengetti

The Pennyworld & Surelike Cup – Home Bred Heifer born 2011
1st – Salfach Jerseys – Salfach Suspicious Miley
2nd – J&C Hart – Hillhoath Belmont Jingle
3rd – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Guapo Siswrn

The Llanllyr Cup – Bull
1st – Glanmor Jerseys – Glanmor Blade Wesley Snipes
2nd – R&E Taylor – Blodwell Janes Jacob

The Gorwyn Trophy – Production & Inspection
1st – C Rogers-Coltman – Myndtown Glow
2nd – Nicel Jerseys – Nicel Starlight Trac Delight
3rd – C Rogers-Coltman – Myndtown Busker

The Moorish Cup – Judge’s Prize
J&C Hart – Hillhoath

Overall Herd
Champion – Plowden
Reserve – Glanmor
Hon. Mention – Nicel

Welsh & Shropshire Young Jersey Breeders - Dragon Jerseyfest

The inaugural 'Dragon Jerseyfest' held on Monday 9th April 2012 was a resounding success, with over 50 animals forward for judging.

Miss Izzy Whittaker did an excellent job in judging some difficult & close classes.

[report and results]


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