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Jersey Cattle Sales

List of Jersey Cattle Sales in 2019 as notified by the Auctioneers.

Sales 2019

Wednesday 13th February Helsington Dispersal (Harrison & Hetherington) report
Friday 15th March

Exeter Spring Gold (Kivells)

Tuesday 19th March

Ritherdens Dispersal (Kivells)

Wednesday 27th March

Abbotsley Herd Dispersal (Barbours & Gwilym Richards)

Friday 12th April Exeter English Gold Top Sale (Kivells) report
Wednesday 17th April Carlisle Show & Sale (Harrison & Hetherington) report
Thursday 23rd May Longdendale Dispersal Sale (Hassall Brothers)  
Thursday 11th July Spotlight Sale (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)  
Friday 12th July Exeter Summer Gold Sale (Kivells) report
Wednesday 21st August Nethervalley Summer Sensation Sale (Harrison & Hetherington) report
Friday 30th August Exeter Autumn Gold Sale (Kivells) report
Tuesday 10th September Hamwood Herd Dispersal (Greenslade Taylor Hunt) report
Monday 16th September Glanmor Herd Dispersal (Kivells) report
Thursday 10th October Mytton Herd Dispersal (Gwilym Richards) report
Tuesday 22nd October Sunnydawn Herd Dispersal (Kivells) catalogue
Friday 8th November Exeter Golden Opportunity Sale (Kivells)  
Saturday 7th December Black & White Sale (Harrison & Hetherington)  
Friday 13th December Exeter Stocking Filler Sale (Kivells)  
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