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Pembrokeshire County Show 2011
16th - 18th August

Judge: Mr C. Reader. Northants.



1stSalfach Jerseys

Salfach Guapo Pepper

2ndFuture Dreams Jerseys

 Future Dreams Volcano’s Daffodil

3rdJD Evans

Mydrim Iatola’s Louise

4thA&C Davies

Starlight Daphne

5thGlanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Julian Star

6thNicel Jerseys

Glanmor Julian Catmint

7thJD Evans

Mydrim Volcano’s Lady

8thNicel Jerseys

Philmor Volcano Sandy

9thR Batchelor

Glanmor Belmont Whistle

10thA Morgan

  Philmor Compos Cash


32. HEIFER in-calf due to calve before the age of 3 years (6)

1stS. Williams

Glanmor Julian Jean

2ndJD Evans

Mydrim Excitation’s Louise

3rdNicel Jerseys

Nicel Adventure Light

4thSalfach Jerseys

Salfach Beyond Jasmine

5thA. Morgan

Newmoor Prima Corney

6thJD Evans

Jubilee Excitation Ceres


33. COW, dry, in-calf. (2)

1stNicel Jerseys

Bluegrass Jetson Bobs Mate

2ndSalfach Jerseys

Bluegrass Remakes Savannah Claire


34. HEIFER in milk having calved by the age of 3 years. (5)

1stGlanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Juggler Wembley

2ndNicel Jerseys

Nicel Tonic Candy

3rdNicel Jerseys

Nicel Adventurer Dulcette

4thJD Evans

Mydrym Remakes Tara 2

5thSalfach Jerseys

Salfach Golden C Alabama


35. COW in milk, having calved twice. (2)

1stGlanmor Jerseys

Hardinge Impulse Spice

2ndGlanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Juggler Pewter


36. COW in milk, having calved three times. (4)

1stA Wilson

Bluegrass Heritage’s Lovely Lady

2ndGlanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Rocket Wennol

3rdFuture Dreams

Starlight Remake’s Daffodil 2

4thJD Evans

Mydrim Excitation Sandy


37. SENIOR COW IN MILK, having calved four or more times. (5)

1stA Wilson

Bluegrass Jazzman Pans Panama

2ndNicel Jerseys

Longhills Crescent Dibble

3rdSalfach Jerseys

Glanmor Romeo Paprika

4thGlanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Ring Dwynwen

5thNicel Jerseys

Longhills Crescent Zulu


40. PROGENY GROUP - 3 Females by same Sire, and owned by Exhibitor. (1)

1st – JD Evans

Bridon Excitation


41. GROUP OF THREE ANIMALS owned by the same Exhibitor. (3)

1st – Glanmor Jerseys

2nd – Nicel Jerseys

3rd – Salfach Jerseys


Breed Championship

42. The P.A.S. Champion and Reserve Champion

Champion – A Wilson

Bluegrass Heritage’s Lovely Lady

Reserve – Glanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Rocket Wennol


Interbreed Championships

Judge: Mr Edward Crank.


1stA Wilson

Bluegrass Heritages Lovely Lady


Glanmor Jerseys

Glanmor Rocket Wennol

Team of Five:

Res. – A Wilson

Bluegrass Heritages Lovely Lady

Bluegrass Jazzman Pans Panama

Glanmor Jerseys

Harding Impulse Spice

Glanmor Rocket Wennol

Mr JD Evans

Mydrim Remakes Sandy

Production Inspection (2)

1st – A Wilson

Bluegrass Jazzman Pans Panama

2nd – JD Evans

  Starlight Remake’s Daffodil 2



220. YOUNG HANDLERS COMPETITION – Dairy Cattle Interbreed.

Juniors (14 – 18 yrs) (7)

1st – Fflur Davies

3rd – Rhydian Jones

7th – Meinir Morgan

Seniors (19 – 26yrs)

1st – Arwyn Wilson

2nd – Phillip Morgan

- Aled Morgan

Champion Handler

Arwyn Wilson


Fflur Davies

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