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Surrey Show 2011
1st - 2nd June 2011


Judge: Mrs Lena Lewis, Somerset

Loseley Park Farms have very generously sponsored this section

£100 to the Champion and £50 to the Reserve Champion

CLASS H2 - THE EVELYN PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP(29), presented by the late Mr C J A Evelyn, for the best animal in the Jersey classes.

CLASS S3 - THE CHANCTONBURY PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP(39), presented by Captain J A O Walker for the best Jersey cow in milk, which has produced a minimum of 4500 kg s of milk and 225 kg s of butterfat in an officially recorded lactation period not exceeding 305 days.

Champion - 939 The Jersey Cattle Society offers a SPECIAL ROSETTE AND PRIZE CARD to the best Jersey cow or heifer, registered in the Herd Book and bred by an exhibitor who is a current Member of the Jersey Cattle Society.

Class 145 CALF, aged 18 months and under

4 entries

1st - 943 Michael Clear

2nd - 928 Mr Michael Pink

3rd - 929 Barnowl Jersey Stud

4th - 930 Michael Clear

146 HEIFER IN MILK, which has produced her first and only calf at not more than two and half years of age

5 entries

1st - 933 Barnowl Jersey Stud

2nd - 935 Michael Clear

3rd - 934 Barnowl Jersey Stud

4th - 932 Michael Clear

5th ‐ 931 Hickson Bros

147 COW IN MILK, with second calf which has produced under the age of 4 years

6 entries

1st - 939 Barnowl Jersey Stud

2nd - 937 Michael Clear

3rd - 942 Barnowl Jersey Stud

4th - 941 Hickson Bros

5th - 940 Hickson Bros

6th - 938 Mr Michael Pink

148 COW IN MILK OR IN CALF, any age, which has produced not less than 20000 kg s of milk by 31 March 2011 ‐ certificates to be sent with entry

THE ALLPRESS PERPETUAL CHALLENGE TROPHY (24), presented by the late Mr K P Allpress, to the winner

3 entries

1st - 944 Michael Clear

2nd - 945 Barnowl Jersey Stud

3rd - 946 Hickson Bros

149 COW IN MILK, which has produced three or more calves

5 entries

1st - 947 Michael Clear

2nd - 948 Michael Clear

3rd - 949 Hickson Bros

4th - 945 Barnowl Jersey Stud

5th - 946 Hickson Bros

150 GROUP OF THREE FEMALES, entered in the above classes and the property of the same exhibitor

3 entries

1st - Barnowl Jersey Stud

2nd - Michael Clear

3rd - Hickson Bros

151 PROGENY GROUP OF TWO FEMALES by the same sire or out of the same dam, entered in the above classes and the property of the same exhibitor

1 entry

1st - Barnowl Jersey Stud


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