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Surrey County Show 2013

Monday 27th May


Judge: Mr John Stubbs, Derbys

Loseley Park have very generously sponsored this section


£100 to the Champion and £50 to the Reserve Champion



THE EVELYN PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP(29), presented by the late Mr C J A Evelyn, for the best animal in the Jersey classes.

Champion 929 Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

Reserve 915 Barnowl Jersey Stud


THE CHANCTONBURY PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP(39), presented by Captain J A O Walker for the best Jersey cow in milk, which has produced a minimum of 5,500kgs of milk and 300kgs of butterfat in an officially recorded lactation period not exceeding 305 days.

Champion 929


The Jersey Cattle Society offers a SPECIAL ROSETTE AND PRIZE CARD to the best Jersey cow or heifer, registered in the Herd Book and bred by an exhibitor who is a current Member of the Jersey Cattle Society.

Champion 929




141    CALF, aged 18 months and under                                                     4 entries

Prizes: £40, £28, £20

1st 909                                                                   Mr & Mrs Michael Clear   4th 911  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

3rd 910                                                                  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear 2nd 912  Barnowl Jersey Stud


142    HEIFER IN MILK, which has produced her first and only calf at not

         more than two and half years of age                                                    5 entries

Prizes: £40, £28, £20, £12

3rd 913                                                                  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear   5th 916  Barnowl Jersey Stud

4th 914                                                                  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear 2nd 917  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

1st 915                                                                            Barnowl Jersey Stud


143    COW IN MILK, with second calf which has produced under the age of 4 years     

                                                                                                           6 entries

Prizes: £40, £28, £20, £12

918                                                                       Mr & Mrs Michael Clear   1st 921  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

4th 919                                                                  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear   3rd 922  Barnowl Jersey Stud

920                                                                       Mr & Mrs Michael Clear 2nd 923  Barnowl Jersey Stud


144    COW IN MILK OR IN CALF, any age, which has produced not less than 20,000kgs of milk by 31 March 2013 - certificates to be sent with entry

         THE ALLPRESS PERPETUAL CHALLENGE TROPHY (24), presented by the late Mr K P Allpress, to the Best Surrey Exhibitor    3 entries

Prizes: £40, £28, £20

2nd 924                                                                  The Dean Family           1st 926  Barnowl Jersey Stud

925                                                                       Mr & Mrs Michael Clear


145    COW IN MILK, which has produced three or more calves                     6 entries

Prizes: £40, £28, £20, £12

2nd 927                                                                  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear       930  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

928                                                                       The Dean Family                931  Barnowl Jersey Stud

1st 929                                                                   Mr & Mrs Michael Clear       932  Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

3rd 926

4th 924


146    GROUP OF THREE FEMALES, entered in the above classes and the property of the

         same exhibitor                                                                               3 entries

Prizes: £20, £12

         2nd Barnowl Jersey Stud                                     1st Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

         3rd Mr & Mrs Michael Clear


147    PROGENY GROUP OF TWO FEMALES by the same sire or out of the same dam, entered in the above classes and the property of the same exhibitor         3 entries

Prizes: £20, £12

         1st Barnowl Jersey Stud                                     2nd Mr & Mrs Michael Clear

         Mr & Mrs Michael Clear


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