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Welsh Dairy Show

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Congratulations to the Wilson family at the Welsh Dairy Show with their champion Bluegrass Excitation Prissy Polly which was also Reserve Supreme champion of the show.

Bluegrass Excitation Prissy Polly


Heifer in calf

1st- Glanmor Jerseys, Elite Mr Freeze Silk
2nd-Rachel Batchelor, Starlight Iatola Daphne
3rd-A & C Davies, Starlight Xenon Daphne
4th-Nicel Jerseys, Nicel Dion Tare
5th-Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Fandom Scary Scream

Cow in Calf

1st- WJP Wilson, Bluegrass Coalation Candytuff
2nd- Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Saber Angel
3rd – Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Ring Icicle
4th- Salfach Jerseys, Salfach Karma Pennsylvania
5th- Rachel Batchelor, Graceland Tresor Kiwi

Heifer in Milk

1st- WJP Wilson, Tregibby Excitation Panama
2nd- Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Ring Trifle
3rd-Glanmor Jerseys Glanmor Action Aofra
4th- Oliver Neagle, Hiltonbury Harvest Nightfall
5th- Anwen Thomas, Bluegrass Reagans Royal Sahara
6th-Nicel Jerseys, Nicel Pilgrim Moonray
7th- Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Fantom Firewall

Cow in milk

1st- WJP Wilson, Bluegrass Excitation Prissy Polly
2nd- Salfach Jerseys, Salfach Beyond Jasmine
3rd- Glanmor Jerseys, Glanmor Frosty Pancake
4th- Osian Davies, Scotsbridge Grace
5th- Nicel Jerseys, Nicel Ringer Silver
6th- Rachel Batchelor, Starlight Laser Daffodil

Cow in Milk with 3rd Calf

1st- Oliver Neagle, Hiltonbury Ringmaster Lyric
2nd- Nicel Jerseys, Nicel Tonic Delight
3rd- Oliver Neagle, Hiltonbury Centurious Ker- Plunk
4th- Nicel Jerseys, Nicel Tonic Candy

Senior Cow in Milk

1st- WJP Wilson, Bluegrass Heritages Lovely Lady
2nd- Nicel Adventure Dulcette
3rd- Glamor Little Lottie

CHAMPION – WJP Wilson, Bluegrass Excitation Prissy Polly

RESERVE- Salfach Jerseys, Salfach Beyond Jasmine

HON MENTION- Bluegrass Hertages Lovely Lady

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