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All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2015

16th - 18th October 2015

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2015
Championship Calves

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2015
Championship Handlers

Mydrim Tequilas Sandy (Excitation), Mydrim Jerseys

Reserve Champion
Logan Tequila Glamour (Tequila), B Yates

Honourable Mention
Jovial Ryan Rosemary (Ryan), JR & SM Howie

Calf born after 1st March 2015
1st - Jovial Ryan Rosemary, JR & SM Howie
2nd - Cottage Verify Aimless Lady, Mydrim Jerseys
3rd - Hailstone Topeka Jasmine, M Wilson
4th - Jovial Ryan Cuddles, JR & SM Howie
5th - Pierrrpont Coltons Smartie, A Fagg
6th - Cocking Itaskas Fillpail 8, Mr M Pink
7th - Discovery Excitments Harriet, MWN Clear
8th - Bluegrass Tequilas Lady Jane, BA & JM Daw
9th - Jovial Ryan Dolly, JR & SM Howie

Calf born between 1st December 2014 & 28th February 2015
1st - Hailstone Excitation Jess, M Wilson
2nd - Pierrepont Tequilas Tequila, MWN Clear
3rd - Jovial Ryan Rosebud, JR & SM Howie
4th - Bluegrass Snowmans Sunny Raisin, BA & JM Daw

Calf born between 1st September & 30th November 2014
1st - Bluegrass Snowmans Panamas Pam, B A & J M Daw
2nd - Mydrim Excitations Wonderful Tara, Mydrim Jerseys
3rd - Mydrim Excitations September Louise, Mydrim Jerseys
4th - Riverdane Reward Dream, M Nutsford
5th - Bluegrass Excitations Susan, B A & J M Daw
6th - Pierrepont Legacys Kira, MWN Clear
7th - Moonshine Gemini Squidgy, B Etteridge
8th - Day Dream 312, I H W Harries
9th - Futuredreams Remake Blossom, Future Dreams Partnership
10th - Tommyrocks Governor Bambi, C Limond
11th - Pypard Valentine 4, RJ & NJ Clarke
12th – Pierrepont Legacys Esme, MWN Clear
13th – Jovial Ryan Bliss, JR & SM Howie

Calf born between 1st May & 31st August 2014
1st - Logan Tequila Glamour, B Yates
2nd - Rivermead General Imperial, The Davis Family
3rd - Elite Baba Jean, Miss I Williams
4th - Bluegrass Excitations Mavannah, B A & J M Daw
5th - Dreammaker Polomint Haley, Miss S Howie
6th - Carwyn Valentinos Ophelia, Rhys Griffiths
7th - Bluegrass Coltons Cummin, B A & J M Daw
8th - Moorview I-Pod Lilly, A R & D L Walters
9th - Moonshine Gemini Bramble, B Etteridge
10th - Discovery Flash Pecan, MWN Clear
11th – Designer Excitation Eclipse, Designer Jerseys
12th – Pierrepont Irwins Danger Mouse, MWN Clear
13th – Sparkling Little Star Silver Birch, R Bostock & L Jones

Calf born between 1st January & 30th April 2014
1st - Mydrim Tequilas Sandy, Mydrim Jerseys
2nd - Hailstone Tequila Winsome, M Wilson
3rd - Mydrim Tornados Spring Louise, Mydrim Jerseys
4th - Huddlesford ICow Blonde, T H Cope & Son
5th - CB Ellie Goulding, Miss C Baker
6th - CB Exciting Elisa, K Rickard & S Webber
7th - Jubilee Legacys Ceres, Jubilee Jerseys
8th - Pierrepont DJ Ellie, MWN Clear
9th - Jovial Precision Charmer, J R & S M Howie

Izzy Wright
Reserve Champion
Zoe Clear
Honourable Mention
Claire Daw

Mature Coloured Breeds Showman
1st - Izzy Wright
7th - Laura Millward

Senior Coloured Breeds Showman - a
1th - Douglas Buchanan
8th - Adam Fagg

Senior Coloured Breeds Showman - b
3rd - Claire Daw
4th - Michelle Howie
6th - Katherine Jenkinson
16th - Eveey Hunter

Intermediate Coloured Breeds Showman
1st - Zoe Clear
4th - Ailsa Buchanan
6th - Christie Baker

Junior Coloured Breeds Showman
1st - Zoe Walters
4th - Elan Thomas
9th - Grainne O’Neill

Novice Coloured Breeds Showman
4th - Charlie Bolderstone
5th - William Spence
7th - Chloe Peach
8th - Tom Paton

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