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The Jersey Youth has a Youth Committee, the current Youth Chairman is Will Patten, Will can be contacted at

For all Jersey Youth activities and membership enquiries please contact Emma Horn at Head Office on 01926 484035 or email

Jersey Senior Youth Weekend – Saturday 8th April 2017
including a visit to Ibers and an evening our in Aberystwyth

Open to young Jersey Cattle Society members agreed 18 years & over (max age 30)

Highlights of the weekend tour:

* The Genomics lab - This facility covers everything from basic sequencing of DNA through to trancriptomics, which gives information about which genes are being expressed in an organism. Small changes in DNA sequences allow markers (SNPs) associated with certain breeding lines to be tracked to help accelerate plant and animal breeding programmes and to aid in breed verification. This lab has been instrumental in projects which include describing the origins of pedigree cattle lines, Welsh sheepdogs (Kate Humble, BBC series), red kites and Carneddau ponies.

* Grass breeding at IBERS - IBERS bred varieties (ryegrasses and festuloliums) carry the prefix Aber and include high sugar grasses which are promoted by farm assured schemes for their reduction in greenhouse emissions from ruminants. Germinal Seeds have a strong link with the grass breeding team and market IBERS varieties.

* The Beacon biorefining centre - This facility develops products for industry including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuels and cosmetics. This often involves utilising waste feedstocks into high value end products.

* The Plant Phenomics Centre -The requirement for food security in the face of climate change means that plant scientists need to understand in detail how water and temperature interact with genetic diversity to help them breed more robust plants. The plants in this automated glasshouse live on a conveyor system with their growth measured from images and their water use controlled and monitored via software.

Staying at the Belle Vue Hotel, single rooms will cost £90 per person and twin rooms £65 per person. That includes breakfast and a 3 course dinner in a private dining room. Members attending must be over 18.

The weekend will be a great opportunity to learn about the latest scientific developments in farming whilst socialising with like-minded friends and enjoying the sights and night life Aberystwyth has on offer!

For further details please contact Jersey Youth Chairman Will Patten on 07825 331163

To book your places please contact the National Office on 01926 484035 / email
Booking deadline: 23rd March 2017

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