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Jersey Cattle Society
of the United Kingdom
The Studio @ The Mill
Mill Lane
Little Shrewley
Warwickshire CV35 7HN
General Enquiries T: 01926 484035
Cattle Registrations T: 01923 695203


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The World Jersey Cattle Bureau
International organisation composed of national Jersey organisations, individuals and other organisations working co-operatively to improve the profitability of the Jersey cow.


Jersey Canada
Canadian Jersey breeders working together for the improvement of the breed.

JerseyCattle society of Ireland Jersey Cattle Society of Ireland
The first Jerseys were imported into Ireland from Jersey Island in 1903.

Austraila Jersey

Jersey Australia
The Austrailian Jersey Breeders Society

Jersey New Zealand
The New Zealand Jersey Breeders Society

Royal jersey

Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society


Stackyard Agricultural Web Directory & Magazine

Cogent Cogent
With a consultative approach and hands-on expertise, Cogent are recognised experts in bovine genetics who care about profit focussed beef and dairy farmers in over 40 countries.


Hoard's Dairyman
The US National Dairy Farm Magazine

Biobest Biobest offers Bactoproof mastitis test and herd disease testing including Johne’s.

nadis Nadis was formed in 1995 to promote animal health and welfare through better disease control and prevention.


BLG is a National pan-industry consortium formed to assist in the development and maintenance of profitable long-term business generated by exports of British livestock and genetics.

Paragon Vets Paragon Veterinary Group offers a complete range of veterinary services for all species of animals including Artificial Cattle Breeding Techniques.

NWF agriculture NWF Agriculture is a national supplier of high quality dairy, beef and sheep feeds to UK farmers.

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