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news / 18th April 2013

Jersey Dairy Farmer's Daughter Urges General Public to Support the British Farmers

Please support British farmers!!

Dear readers,

Jenny Ashton

Jenny Ashton

Firstly, I think I can speak on behalf of the UK farming nation. I am a dairy farmer’s daughter and the reason I am writing this letter, is to urge the general public to support their British farmers. In recent years, farmers have received bad publicity and have been negatively branded. All farmers are trying to do is make a living and care for their livestock; this used to be an enjoyable job, however with the increasing negativity many farmers will say on a daily basis ‘why do I bother?!’

Take my parents for instance, they work on average an 80 hour week, farming is becoming increasingly harder what with the weather, diseases, stricter rules and the lack of support from the general public. Animal rights people commonly say that farmers don’t care, I would completely oppose this comment, farmers care about their animals and they wouldn’t work with animals if they didn’t care. To put it bluntly, a healthy animal is a productive animal and a productive animal will feed the nation and pay the bills, so why on earth would farmers treat their animals badly… are the same as everyone else; they work to look after their own families aswell as all your families!

It is becoming increasingly frustrating for farmers when they are preached to by people who have no knowledge on the countryside and the day to day jobs in which farmers endure. Please let farmers manage the countryside problems, they are the ones which understand the problems and how the countryside works. We appreciate people have concerns, but we will not appreciate any comments until they actually know what they are talking about. Farmers do not tell the city dwellers how to do their jobs and abuse their knowledge, so what makes it right for certain people to tell us how to do our jobs?? You don’t see us telling doctors how to cure cancer, no because we have no understanding of the subject.

Please think about farmers, they are caring people who are very hard working. I for one am very proud to be a farmer’s daughter, and much to my parents anguish about my future in farming, I will one day proudly take on my family farm, firstly as I love the industry and secondly, my parents have worked so hard, it would be a crime to allow their hard work to go to waste.

So next time you are shopping for your own families, please think of your nations farmers and buy British food from genuine businesses who also support their farmers. Let’s go back to being a nation who appreciate and respect their farmer’s aswell as the food which is on their plate every day. Please support British farmers before it’s too late!!! Food is an essential that we can’t live without and not a luxury.

Thank you for your time,

Jenny Ashton

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