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Showcasing the Jersey breed

Left to right – Su Mahon, Chris Shipley, Hugh Richardson and Mike King

Hugh Richardson of Wheelbirks Jerseys and Chris Shipley, Wheelbirks Herdsman, travelled from Northumberland to collect the award, which was presented at the Livestock Show by RABDF Chairman, Mike King and Su Mahon, President of the Jersey Cattle Society.

Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog 2

Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog 3


Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog 2

Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog 2


Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog

Jersey Cattle Society – WJCB blog


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Jersey Cattle Society e-newsletter two - WJCB Tour


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WJCB 2016 UK Tour Promotional Video

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Introducing James Strachan as Coloured Breeds Showmanship Judge at the 2016 All Breeds All Britain Calf Show

16th March 2016

James StrachanJames heirs from 5 generations of dairy farmers, with the original Strachans moving from Lanarkshire to Suffolk with Ayrshire cows in the 1950s in the form of his Grandparents Robert & Mary Strachan.

James’s parents David & Colette soon moved to breeding Friesians and then purebred Holsteins in the 1970s. The family milked up to 600 cows until 2001 when the next chapter in their dairy history unfolded, with the launch of Marybelle Dairy, a processing unit set up to source milk locally and provide a whole range of fresh dairy goods throughout the East Anglian area.

James worked for 3 years in Canada as the International Sales and Market Analyst for the Semex Alliance, where he further developed his love for the pedigree dairy cow and in particular the Canadian type of Jersey.

As the family dairy enterprise was launched James brought a large batch of Jersey embryos from the world renowned Rapid Bay Jersey Stud in Quebec, Canada. Over the last 15 years the processing business has flourished and so too has the development of the Jersey herd, winning many national awards and marketing livestock and embryos throughout the UK as well as Europe.

Adding value to the attributes of the dairy cow is a high priority for James, whether it be through breeding exceptional producers, developing the dairy products from them or educating the public about field to fork.

James has had the privilege of judging all of the great dairy breeds in countries across the world including, Jersey Island, Canada, USA, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Slovakia and New Zealand. He is now looking forward to adding the judging of the Showmanship classes at the ABAB show as a real highlight in his judging career.

New 100 tonnes lifetime producer

Congratulations to Carol Pledge of Sunnydawn Jerseys. Her 11th calver Sunnydawn Triumph Blackcurrant VG86 has now given over 100T lifetime, which we believe is the first English Jersey to reach this feat, as well as being the first 100 tonne Jersey in a solely Jersey herd.

She has so far given a lifetime yield of over 102 tonnes and is still milking in her 11th lactation having calved on 15 June 2014. She has already bred one EX, one VG and two GP daughters, and has a best 305 record of 8505kg at 5.02% fat and 3.49% protein in her 5th. Born in February 2000, this 15 year old cow is a great advertisement of longevity in our breed.

2015 Annual General Meeting
The 2015 AGM was a great success, beginning with a large turnout attending the farm visit to the Depwade Herd of NW Moore and Sons. view full report and photos

Calves Require Cleanliness
by Amanda Smith, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor
When colostrum is bacteria-laden, we do more harm than good. [read article]

What Genomics Can Do For You
by Abby Bauer, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor
From parentage verification to culling decisions, genomic testing can serve a variety of purposes on-farm. [read article]

Great Taste Supreme Award won by UK Jersey Breeder
Congratulations to the Strachan Family on their success in the Great Taste Awards, scooping success with their prize winning Greek Yogurt. [more]

Somerset Farmer picks up Tesco Sustainable Dairy Award
UK Jersey farmer Philip Cotterrell from Nailcote Jerseys picks up Tesco Sustainable Dairy Award. [more]

British Farming Awards 2013
Congratulations to Jonathan Stanley (J & C Stanley) who won the New Entrant Award: Against the Odds: at the inaugural British Farming Awards. [more]

Excellent Jersey and her twin daughters set Classification Record
Sowden Juno Tracy and her twin daughters, Sowden Samson Tracy and Tracy 2, have all Classified EX95, or higher, for their true-to-breed-type conformation. In fact matriarch, Juno Tracy, Classified EX96. [more]

UK Jersey Youth Member wins Young Farmer of the Year
Congratulations to Will Patten from the Baddington Jersey herd on becoming joint winner of the Young Farmer of the Year at the Cream Awards 2013. [more]

Cogent Breeding Limited to be main sponsor of 2016 Jersey Congress
UK Jerseys are delighted to announce that Cogent Breeding Limited will be main sponsors for the World Jersey Cattle Bureau Congress to be held in the UK, with additional visits to Ireland and Jersey Island, in 2016. [more]

Swangrove Pedigree Jersey Herd Wins Lily Hill Cup
The 140-cow Swangrove herd of pedigree Jerseys at Badminton in Gloucestershire is the winner of this year’s Lily Hill Cup. The trophy is presented to the highest placed Jersey herd in the RABDF / NMR Gold Cup. [more]

Jersey Dairy Farmer's Daughter Urges General Public to Support the British Farmers
18th April 2013
Jenny Ashton says let’s go back to being a nation that appreciates and respects its farmers aswell as the food which is on plates every day. [more]

Jersey Conference Debates Producer Organisation
28th January 2013
Jersey herd owners, with an average herd size approaching 400 cows, listened intently to the pros and cons of a Producer Organisation at the second UK Jerseys milk conference. [report]


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