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Classification of
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Type Classification


During the Classification Workshop held last autumn one of the points discussed wwas the Linear Scoring method used by the Classifiers and how well that was understood by breeders.

Linear Scoring involves allocating a score which reflects a physical measurement of the various parts of a cow. What can be confusing is that while scores range from 1 to 9 the most desirable score can be towards a 9 or somewhere in the middle depending upon the characteristic being scored. While many of the traits fall into the 7-9 as being desirable a preferred score for rump angle would be 4 or 5 and legs side view also would be 1
somewhere in the middle.

There may also be certain traits such as stature which individual breeders will have differing views on as to what is optimal.

I hope you will find useful and that it will give you more insight into what the Classifier is looking at when visiting your farm.

Download the Jersey Type Classification Guide here


A JCS Classification Workshop was held on 26th October 2017 by kind permission of the Dickinson Family, Thurlstone Jerseys. There was good discussion throughout the afternoon regarding the development of Jersey cow type with areas of concern being highlighted by both members and classifiers. Main concerns were breed character, chest width, stature, udder depth and locomotion. There was also discussion around the issues of EX second calvers and minimum stature for VG 2yr olds.

Fern Pearston from AHDB and Kate Cross of NBDC both gave presentations on trends within the breed for both confirmation and production. Interestingly some of the issues which breeders have mentioned are contradicted by the statistics. Chest width did decline in the period prior to 2007 but since then the decline has been marginal. Stature has in fact fallen since 2014 however this may be a reflection of heifers calving, and being classified, younger which could also contribute to the slight fall in chest width.

For example:



Following the workshop on 26th October 2017, the JCS Board made the following changes to the type classification scheme with immediate effect.


The minimum height requirement for a 2-Year-Old to be scored VG will be reduced from 5 to 3.

This allows the classifiers to use their discretion when scoring younger heifers in particular.


In line with all other UK dairy breeds the maximum score for a second calver will be VG89.

A score of 88 or more in every box will be required in order to achieve a final score of 89.

One classifier permitted to allocate this score.

The JCS Board are grateful for the excellent work done by the classification team on our behalf. We would encourage members to discuss their concerns and their positive attributes of the Jersey cow during classification visits. The feedback received is vital to developing the breed and ensuring its continued success in the future.

The Society’s Breed Development Plan: Following the Classification Workshop, the journey of updating the Society’s Breed Development Plan continues, where the Board will define the ‘Model Jersey Cow’ and shape the direction of the breed, to ensure the longevity and commercial viability of the Jersey Cow.

If you would like to understand more about Type Classification, please contact the National Office on 01926 484035 OR if you would like to arrange a Type Classification Visit to your farm please contact

Jackie Clark
T: 01923 695208


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